About Us

Ambleside Handmade started out as Ambleside Soap, and was our mom’s soap making hobby/business and has now grown into so much more. We are now a family team - our mom Lynda and her two daughters Laura and Jessica!

We make a diverse range of eco-friendly products - hand crafted soap, dish soap bricks, stain remover bars, candles, bath bombs, shampoo and conditioner bars, vegan deodorant, lotion, and dog shampoo!

Ambleside Handmade has an online store and is now in 12 retail stores across British Columbia!

Thank you so much for supporting Ambleside Handmade.

Lynda, Laura, and Jessica



For custom order inquiries or wholesale pricing, please message us on our "Contact Us" page, or email amblesidehandmade@gmail.com.