Orange Coconut Cream Soap - Facial Bar for Combination Skin

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Orange Coconut Cream Soap Milk for Combination Skin:   

Key Ingredients - coconut cream, orange essential oil, and Brazilian red clay

Coconut cream creates a rich emulsifying lather which works with the astringent properties of orange essential oil and red clay to gently remove dead skin cells, impurities and excess oil leaving skin feeling clean and clear. 

Coconut Cream Soaps are made from natural plant based ingredients, with no synthetic scent or colourants.  

Best for:  Combination Skin 

INCI:  sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, cocos nucifera, citrus sinensis, kaolin

Weight:  100 g  |  KEEP BAR DRY between use   |  100% Plant Based Ingredients  |  no synthetic fragrance or colour