Nettle Coconut Cream Soap - Facial Bar for Oily Skin

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Nettle Coconut Cream Soap - Facial Bar for Oily Skin:

Key Ingredients:  coconut cream, nettle, rosemary, pine and cedar essential oils 

These lovely green bars are naturally coloured with the Nettle infusion they are made with, scented with essential oils Rosemary, Pine and Cedarwood and packed with nutrients and beneficial properties.

Coconut cream creates a rich emulsifying lather which works well with the astringent properties of nettle, to soothe inflamed skin and calm irritation. Rosemary, Cedarwood, and Nettle destroy fungi and bacteria, and are effective against microorganisms that may lead to inflammation and acne.  Milder than alcohol or vinegar, nettle helps keep oily skin in check

Coconut Cream Soaps are made from natural plant based ingredients, with no synthetic scent or colourants.  

Best for:  Oily Skin 

INCI:  sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, cocos nucifera, dioica extract, officinalis (herb) oil, pinus nigra (leaf) oil, juniperus virginiana oil

Weight:  100 g  |  KEEP BAR DRY between use   |  100% Plant Based Ingredients  |  no synthetic fragrance or colour