Essential Oil Bath Bombs

Buy 5 bath bombs - get one free!  Simply select 6 bath bombs but you will only be charged for 5 at checkout.  Pick your favorite assortment of bath bombs, or create a personalized gift box of natural essential oil bath bombs and save. 

Once you try our natural bath bombs you will never go back. For color and texture we use dried flowers, various teas, botanicals and essential oils.

Simply fill the tub with steamy water, toss in a bath bomb and relax in a fragrant bath of epsom salts and natural essential oils!  Bath salts and castor oil are natural humectants, which help your skin retain moisture and avoid dryness.  Create your own luxury spa experience with these natural ingredients - not a stew of noxious chemicals, dyes and artificial scents.  

Our bath bombs are wrapped and shipped in paper based materials.