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In order to respond to inquiries regarding BULK PURCHASES or WHOLESALE PRICING, we would need to know: 

- which products and the amount you are interested in purchasing, whether you need packaging (organza bag/label/etc), and for some items - what size you require (example: 3 ounce wedding favor soap or 4.5 ounce full bar etc) to estimate the cost of any packaging.

- estimates are based on the weight purchased, amount of packaging required (if any), and whether this is a repeat / ongoing relationship

- discounts are calculated for customers making a BULK purchase, but are subject to PST and GST

- discounts for commercial customers are calculated on a WHOLESALE basis, means that you will be selling these products and will be responsible for the collection and remittance of PST.  In order to waive the PST we require your PST number before shipping. All orders are subject to GST which will be detailed on your invoice in order that you can claim the input tax credits.

- estimates will include shipping