Bulk Purchases / Wholesale Pricing

To submit an inquiry for information on bulk purchases and wholesale pricing, please go to our "Contact Us" page.  In order to respond to your inquiry, we would need to know: 

- whether this is a BULK or WHOLESALE order, which products you are interested in purchasing and the amount, and whether you want packaging (organza bag/label/etc)

- Estimates are based on the item weight purchased, amount of packaging required (if any), and whether this is a repeat / ongoing relationship

- discounts are calculated for customers making a BULK purchase, but are subject to PST and GST

- discounts for commercial customers are calculated on a WHOLESALE basis means that you will be selling these products and will be responsible for the collection and remittance of PST.  In order to waive the PST we require your PST number before shipping. All orders are subject to GST, which will be detailed on your invoice in order that you can claim the input tax credits.

- when purchasing either in BULK or WHOLESALE at significantly discounted prices, shipping is an additional charge.  We therefore require the postal code in order to provide a shipping estimate.

- we provide a detailed estimate for you to consider - and if you give instructions to proceed with an order, we will issue an electronic invoice which you can pay online.  We ship your order within 1 business day once payment is received.